Blessings of Revolution

Why would anyone sacrifice their souls for the insipid rewards that broken systems offer? Why would you do that when true blessing is right there for anyone willing to experience the poverty of spirit that opens our eyes to the kingdom of heaven.

Why would you let the insipid pleasures that money can buy numb you and prevent you from feeling the deep sadness around you that makes you run to the arms of God who loves and comforts you?

Why would you use force to obtain grudging submission from people who are weaker than you when you could have the great blessing of being meek and gentle and thoroughly, joyfully at home with all the creatures of the earth?

Why would you make yourself sick by eating the bread of injustice when you could let yourself feel true hunger and thirst in anticipation of the great banquet of God’s kingdom?

Why seek the illusory pleasure of revenge when you could bask in mercy given and mercy received?

Why smear your heart with the muck of moral compromise when you could keep it pure and light and able to see God?

Why would you choose to be a child of violence when you could be a child of God – a peacemaker?

Why would you make friends with perpetrators of injustice when you could be their enemies and be citizens of the Kingdom of God?

Why would you enjoy flattery from dishonest people when you could stand shoulder to shoulder with God’s prophets as you challenge dishonesty and experience the blessing of being insulted and rejected by worthless people?