Seeing and Being LIGHT

Do you remember when people used to ridicule changes in our language around disability? There was resistance to using word words like vision impaired instead of blind. Resistance to talking about people living with impaired vision instead of “the blind”? Do you remember such signs of respect being labeled as “politically correct” or “woke”? Ours is not the only culture to resist shoring respect to people who are seen as lesser and other. In this story at the centre of John’s Gospel we find a man living with severe vision impairment and: 1. We see Jesus’ disciples talking about him in front of him, as though he were an object rather than a person. 2. We see neighbours controlling his movement as though his disability placed him under their authority. 3. And we see religious leaders trying to co-opt him for their own cause. Jesus is not the one who turns all this around. The man who has lived all his life with a disability is the hero of this story!