St Paul’s values our communion with Anglican parishes around the world, with their rich variety of approaches to worship, theology and practice. Anglican history and traditions connect us with people who have followed Jesus in a vast array of cultures and climates over the two thousand years since his life, death and resurrection. Each of them, like us, made mistakes and some did great harm as well as great good. Each of them, like us, turned around (repented) regularly and found at every turn God’s forgiveness and strength to redirect their lives to the path of love.

Anglicans make decisions by consulting three essential guides. These are not equally important, but they are all important:

The Scriptures

The Scriptures contain ancient wisdom that remains remarkably relevant for anyone seeking to live in faith, hope and love today. Anglicans believe that everything we need in order to know God is in the Bible, though sometimes we need a bit of help to understand it. Anglicans work together to understand the Scriptures through sermons and Bible studies and through our prayer book that is full of prayers and readings from the Bible.

One great place to go for help is the Bible Project.


Tradition is the accumulated and refined wisdom of many generations of followers of Jesus. We value their contribution in many ways, especially as expressed in A Prayer Book for Australia and The Nicene Creed.


We believe the world is God’s creation and therefore that all truth gives glory to God. We value science, social science and the arts for the understanding they give us as we celebrate God’s multifaceted kindness in every sphere of life.

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