The Good Shepherd

If Jesus is the Good Shepherd then all good leadership is: More about listening than instructing. More about walking with than about giving directions. More about service than status. And if we claim that the Lord is our shepherd then: 1. We are making a political statement of allegiance to God above all other demands for our loyalty. 2. We are committing to obstinate hope that, however harsh and dark life might feel, the ultimate power and the deepest truth is not cruelty or even indifference. It is love. 3. AND we are agreeing to model our own leadership on the vulnerable, self-giving leadership of Jesus.

Resurrection Empathy

After the resurrection there is still fear After the resurrection there is still doubt And after the resurrection there is also joy!

When Jesus Breaks In

This sermon was given a year ago, when services had been suspended and we were all literally huddled behind locked doors, like the disciples. When the rostered preacher for this Sunday became ill and I did not have time to pre-record a sermon, I decided that it might be interesting for us to take a look at where we were and how we were feeling a year ago, and ask ourselves how Jesus has come through the locked doors of our lives over the past year, and given us peace.

He is Risen!

This Easter morning, Doubt with Mary Magdalene, Wait with Mary Magdalene, Weep with Mary Magdalene, Hear your name called, like Mary Magdalene, And receive your commission to tell the good news proclaimed by Miriam of Magdala. He is Risen!

Easter Vigil

Rev Pam Hynd's sermon for the Easter Vigil, Saturday 03 April

The Losing Side

Good Friday, 2021 After a brief lockdown Brisbane believers are delighted to be able to meet together for Good Friday! But familiarity can make us forget how crazy it is to find hope in the painful death of an innocent man.


As Jesus entered Jerusalem the crowds hailed him as the king they had been waiting for. But then they decided he was not the king they wanted. What about us? Do we really want the humble, vulnerable leadership he offers?

Lent 5 2021

Rev Pam Hynd's sermon for Lent 5

Invitation and Respect

March 2021 has been a hard month for Australia. I hope you are all holding up ok. As for me, I say thank God for John 3:16!

Meeting Place

God's deepest desire (as far as we can tell from the Bible) is to meet with humanity, to make a home with us. But seeking that has taken God, and us, into a very long story... Lent 3, 2021 at St Paul's, Ashgrove. John 2:13-22